Announcement! SWAT has been listed on FatBTC!

Announcement! SWAT has been listed on FatBTC.. 

Deposits open now! See this notice!

Announcement Detail
SWTCoin(SWAT) Listed
2018-12-07 15:47

Dear Users,

FatBTC has listed SWTCoin(SWAT) and scheduled to open the SWAT/FAT trading soon.

The deposits for SWAT are now available.


SWTCoin(SWAT) Introduction:

SWAT started of as a coin to address the needs of small investors who get caught up in the waves and frenzy created by the huge investors. The SWAT project will aim to be a low cost, consistently profitable long term crypto currency project backed by a regular brick and mortar business model. In a world of unreal, intangible and virtual currencies, SWAT will strive to be a real, authentic and tangible business project. SWAT Coin will aim to set the standard in facilitating simple, secure wide spectrum authenticated digital transactions. Secure, Wide Spectrum.

Token Info :

Token Name: SWTCoin

Token Symbol:  SWAT

Contract address:0xc0f1728d9513efc316d0e93a0758c992f88b0809

Official website: Click here

whitepaper: Click here



What is free listing?

Risk Warning: The cryptocurrency investment is a venture capital deal, it has7 x 24 hours trading business model with no market close time.Please pay more attention to risky investment. FatBTC hold a strict system of censorship about all tokens deal. But we never take any liability for the investment behavior.

December 7, 2018

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Request all our community members to create a new account on FatBTC and deposit a minimum of 15000 SWAT. If the deposit amount is below 15000 SWAT it will not be credited! Please note this..

Made my first successful deposit of 20000 SWAT in to FatBTC.. Check screen shot..

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