Exclusive SWATMINER Android APP Sale Offer!

Exclusive SWATMINER Android APP Sale Offer!
Convert Your Android Phone into a Pocket Miner for just 119 USD!
SWATMINER APP Sale Offer - Exclusively for New Investors to Join FatBTC!
Detailed Instructions:
Download SWATMINER APK from this link.
Install it on your Android Phone. Run it.. You will see an IMEI number on the mining Screen. Note it down correctly with care.
Click SWAT Logo Above.
Fill up the form. In the Note to Seller (optional) field type the IMEI number you see on your mining screen on the SWATMINER APK
Make your payment in the Coinpayments payment link.
Once payment is received your device will be activated by authorizing your IMEI number.
You can mine SWAT by pasting your Metamask/MEW, ETH Wallet address and signing in. After mining 16000 SWAT deposit it into FatBTC SWAT wallet and show screenshot by sending it along with your deposit transaction id to admin@swatcoin.network and hold it till 7 Jan 2019.
I will buy back the first 16000 SWAT mined and deposited in FatBTC from you for 9 USD if you are not able to sell it for a higher price on the 8th of Jan 2019.
You have the option of buying Pocket Miner later for the price of 230 USD in case you wish to buy it.
http://www.pocketminer.store/ For those who wish to buy without the buy back offer it is just USD 110. App can be bought by making direct payment with ETH to my address: Send mail to me for more details.

Screenshot of swatminer.app page.

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