Convert Your Phone into a Pocket Miner (TM) -15 Million Mined SWAT on offer!

Convert Your Phone into a Pocket Miner (TM) -15 Million Mined SWAT on offer!
SWAT is a proof of work Crypto Coin based on the ERC20 Standards, that can be mined only with Pocket Miner (TM) made and sold by the project or by the SWATMINER APK that can be bought from the project. This is an offer to experience Extreme Lean Mining with the Android APK for Free!
Project Website:
For a short period of time the SWATMINER APK will be available for free download in order to reach a required minimum of 1000 members registration on FatBTC exchange with a minimum deposit of 15000 SWAT each to start trading on the exchange. See listing announcement here:
Normally the mining can be done only by way of purchasing the Pocket Miner (236 USD) or the SWATMINER APK (119 USD). Till the target of 1000 members is reached on FatBTC we are offering the SWATMINER APK as free download.
Detailed Instructions:
Download SWATMINER APK from this link.
Install it on your Android Phone. Run it.. You will see an IMEI number on the mining Screen. Note it down correctly with care. Send it to for activation and authorization of device.
After receiving confirmation of authorization, Paste your ETH Wallet address from Metamask/MyEtherWallet in the Wallet Address Box and Sign in to start mining.. This is an extremely lean mining operation with almost nil usage of all resources CPU/GPU, RAM, Bandwidth, Data, Battery Charge or any other resource on your phone.  Current mining reward amount is 695 SWAT. When your mining screen reaches the value the mined amount will be minted and credited to your wallet Address.
Once you reach 15000 SWAT mined balance in your Wallet, which should be in 2 to 3 days please register on FatBTC  and deposit the minimum required amount of SWAT of 15000 SWAT into your SWAT address on FatBTC.. Please not that if you deposit less than 15000 SWAT into FatBTC it will not be credited.
You can check the mining credit on Etherscan here:
Once the required number of registrations are reached and the trading starts on FatBTC, the device will be de-activated. If you wish to continue mining SWAT after this you can either buy the Pocket Miner (TM) here or the SWATMINER APP here:
SWAT is already listed on Yobit: but is still with the old contract. Premium Contract update request has been sent to Yobit and we are waiting for contract to be updated.
New Mining Enabled Contract details can be seen here:
Request all Altcoin and Mining Enthusiasts to participate actively and make this mining of 15 million SWAT event a success!

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