What is it that will make SWAT find its true value?

What is it that will make SWAT find its true value? 

It has been a great year so far and a great journey together for all of us! We have to be truly proud of what we have achieved in this short period of 9 months.. It has been a great year mainly because this project has brought us all so close together this year. It is not an exaggeration to say we are like family members now! 

So what do we need to do in the coming new year to make SWAT find its true value? First thing is we need to make SWAT, Pocket Miner and the SWATMINER APP more popular.. As of now we have just 175 addresses holding SWAT.. this includes the new deposit addresses created on FatBTC.. In spite of having close to 3000 telegram community members we are finding it difficult to get 1000 people to open an account and deposit some SWAT into FatBTC.. 

As done earlier, let us compare our project to TRX (Tron Network) - Current supply 66.62 Billion.. total supply 99.22 Billion, but Price 0.02 USD.. They have 227 times more supply than us.. they took 4 years to get on to the main net.. If you look at their road map in comparison to ours, what we have achieved in 9 month is much more that what they achieved in 4 and a half years of their existence.. And even now they don't have any revenue generating ideas.. Their supply is only going to increase further.. 

So why is it that they have such higher valuation? Simply because they have 970690 holders.. Of course they have funding and backing from some big investors.. But more importantly they are more popular.. So apart from focusing on strengthening our project further, by introducing technologically advanced devices at affordable prices, by getting listed on bigger exchanges, by tying up with more powerful ad networks, by starting to generate revenue from our content delivery model, by launching innovative associate projects such as MYFIE, etc., our focus over the next one year has to be to make our project more popular.. 

If we are as popular as TRX, that is, if we have  970690 holders our price will be 227 higher than the value of TRX today.. Since we have 227 times less supply than TRX.. So just by reaching 900 K holders our price can reach 0.02 x 227 = 4.57 USD! The firm price target for SWAT by the time we reach next Christmas (2019 Xmas) should be 4.57 USD.. We can simply reach this by widening our holder base from the current level of 175  to 970690 holders! Let us all keep working diligently towards this target.. We are sure to reach there soon! 

May this Festive Season and the New Year bring with it the Best Times of our Lives ahead for all of us in the SWAT Coin community! God is with us! We are all from different backgrounds, different countries, different faith, but we are all proudly united by a single cause - the SWAT Coin project!  

I want to take this opportunity to Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! The year 2019 will be a game changer and truly a life changing year for all of us!

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