Important Announcement: Today is the day of our First Quarterly Bonus Airdrop.. 

I have decided to give away 15000000 (15 million) SWAT as Bonus airdrop and set aside 5 million for the 10% and 3% Additional Bonus for long-term holders who didn't move a single SWAT to Yobit for trading.. We have given away 15 million SWAT to new users just to join FatBTC and a huge quantity of SWAT has gone to users who have misused the airdrop. Our Long-term investors who are with us sure deserve this and much more.. Though I have been able to buy back just 2.7 million SWAT till now, the airdrop will go ahead in the same way using the Airdrop Minting function. I will continue to try and buy back more from the market once FatBTC opens for trade.

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