The recent airdrop exercise: The Benefits from it..

From Slack:
SWATCoin [3:55 AM]
Standing apart from the crowd is what makes a great brand and requires a lot of brand building effort, which is what we are involved in right now.. Brand building requires a lot of advertising backed by huge budgets.. The recent airdrop exercise to get the 1000 accounts on FatBTC was a huge advertisement for us.. The positive thing is that we were able to use SWAT as the currency to run this ad campaign. Total of 25 million SWAT was distributed as airdrop for this campaign.. 15 million was deposited into FatBTC accounts and 10 million was not.. The 10 million that was not deposited into FatBTC was sold on ED/FD exchanges.. We have been on ED/FD from the time we shifted to an ERC20 token.. But we have never had this kind of trading volumes.. Now that we have become a known brand there is buying interest on ED/FD.. There is buying interest on p2pb2b and FatBTC too.. We currently have a buy order for approximately 15 million SWAT across all exchanges and trading pairs put together.. Which is very good for the mining users.. With almost nil buying orders we were able to sell 32 Pocket Miners and SWATMINER APPs put together in the last 60 days.. Now that there is a ready market for mined SWAT we should be able to sell much more Pocket Miners and APPs.. Assuming we sell 100 APPS and Pocket Miners put together in the next 30 to 40 days.. We ourselves can put in a buy order for 16 to 17 million more SWAT at current prices.. At current levels the 32 miners are mining around 150K SWAT daily.. So we will be covered for buying the mined SWAT for the next 5 to 6 months taking into account the increased mining output.. As people see others making money with SWAT mining the buying will naturally keep increasing with time.. Even if we sell a conservative 1000 APPs/PMs in the next 6 months we ourselves will be able to create a buy order for 160 million SWAT with the profit and this will generate an additional 160 million SWAT buy orders apart from what we create from the investing public who don't want to mine but just want to invest. This will result in slow and steady price rise.. Resulting in lesser number of SWAT being mined.. All this will make sure the lean mining operation resulting in a confirmed income of 1 to 1.5 USD per day,per Pocket Miner or SWATMINER APP which is the basis of our project, keeps going on without any aberration in a continuous manner thereby bringing in more and more sales.. Add to this the additional promotional and community building activities we have planned to put in place starting next week will create a synergistic and cumulative positive effect for the project.. Great times ahead for our project..
SWATCoin [4:03 AM]
So the 25 million SWAT we spent as airdrop at the current average market price works out to 3500 USD.. A budget of 3500 USD for advertising and promotion paid using our own SWAT has created this kind of a tremendous interest in our project.. Now that there is a base price and a ready market for SWAT we can earmark an additional 10000 USD budget in the next 2 to 3 months for all our new Promotional and  Community building activities.. which will result in much more interest in our project across different geographical regions..

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