Project Update

Project Update: With some policy and regulation changes related to block chain projects expected here, most probably in the next month, I am planning to focus my attention on promoting our SWATMINER APP and Pocket Miners among two important sections of the target audience. One is the Student Community, specifically those who have completed their education recently and are looking to start their careers and the the other the very important segment of Housewives and Self Help Women's Groups.. These two groups form a very important chunk of our target market. Due to the present policy guidelines it is literally impossible for individuals in theses two segments to sell the mined SWAT and convert it to local currency. Till we wait for the regulations to change we plan to help these individuals who are willing to buy SWATMINER APPs and Pocket Miners in the selling and conversion process. I have already spoken to representatives of these two groups and through them I am planning to promote SWATMINER APPs and Pocket Miners to these two groups. I will be travelling to meet the representatives of these two groups starting tomorrow. Over the next two months will continue to focus on these efforts. I am expecting good results from this initiative of ours in combination with the expected policy changes..

The second aspect is related to our future plan of having a Pocket Miner assembly center in every big market for Pocket Miners in the future.. I have mentioned this to several of our D & M members during my individual discussions with them.. As a first step towards this I am planning to start with a first trial remote installation in Nigeria for a Pocket Miner SE delivery to one of our customers to whom Benjamin (@SWATComfortZone) has sold a PM SE. I was expecting to get the delivery of the 5 Pocket Miners to be delivered to @SWATComfortZone from the OEM suppliers during this weekend and do the installation of the APP, authorize the IMEI numbers, do the necessary tests after adjustment of settings and complete the shipment. But due to some logistics delays I have not been able to complete the shipment this weekend. I am yet to receive the Pocket Miners. In order to reduce the shipment time and cost I am planning to ship one Pocket Miner SE directly from our OEM supplier from his warehouse in Hong Kong to Nigeria directly.. My idea is to have Benjamin himself receiving the New Tablet from the OEM supplier and do the installation of the APP, do the necessary tests after adjustment of settings and complete the shipment to the Customer in Nigeria.. All these are normally done by me here in India.. but by doing this in Nigeria we can save a lot of time and cost.. I will just do the authorization in India.. I haven't discussed this with @SWATComfortZone yet. For the kind of efforts he has been putting in I think he deserves the first future assembly unit outside India.. Will post more details about this soon.. Without doubt if we did not have the logistics problem of shiiping Pocket Minerss from our OEM suppliers to Iran, we would have had a similar arrangement at Iran through @antarmontar! But he is doing extremely well with SWATMINER APPs already.. So it is ideal to continue with the same as of now!

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