*Project Update:* Started work on our own exchange SWATX!

*Project Update:* Started work on our own exchange SWATX which will be a decentralized exchange (DEX) like ForkDelta, Waves DEX etc.,.. Expect to be able to launch it by the end of this month.. Apart from SWAT and other key crypto currencies, i am planning to list new projects and other crypto currencies through exclusive SWAT Payments for listing. SWAT required for making Listing Payment has to be bought directly from the exchanges. This will increase the requirement for SWAT purchase and as the exchange becomes more popular there will be a constant demand for SWAT. This was the model followed by Binance partially during their early days. Hence  Binance's coin BNB is the 7th ranked coin overall now on Coinmarketcap. I am sure all our efforts will help SWAT move to the top 20 to 50 ranking by next year!

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