*Big Milestone for SWAT Coin Project: SWATX Exchange is Ready for Launch!

*Big Milestone for SWAT Coin Project: SWATX Exchange https://www.swatx.net/#SWAT-ETH is ready for launch!* I have created  buy orders for 90000 SWAT and 60000 SWAT in two price levels.. I want a few of our members to try selling into these buy orders.. I request members to sell 0.01 ETH worth of SWAT each so that more users will get a chance to trade..  Please note the safe procedure for trading on SWATX..   From the drop down menu on the top right side corner of the trading screen, choose New Account.. You will get a pop up window with the new ETH Address generated for you along with the Private Key.. Copy Paste this pair on a file for safe keeping.. If you are confident your email is safe, you can send these details to yourself through mail so that you can access it anytime you want in the future.. Import this address to your Metmask wallet using the private key.. Suppose you have 4 accounts already on Metamask, this will become your 5th account.. Now you can transfer some ETH and Some SWAT from your primary account on Metamask to this New Address. Once you have done this  on your browser (chrome or brave) go to More Tools, Extensions and disable Metamask Extension. This is done so that you can trade with your New Address only, without allowing access to your primary Metamask Account. The minimum trade you can execute is 0.01 ETH.. You need some ETH in your wallet to pay gas fees for the various transactions.. You need to deposit from your wallet balance to the exchange balance before you can trade like in p2pb2b.. Suppose you transfer 0.03 ETH to your wallet inside Metamask, once transaction is confirmed on etherscan you will see the 0.03 ETH balance on the trading screen as your wallet balance. Now you can deposit 0.015 ETH to your Exchange Balance using the deposit box on the top left side of the trading screen.. If you are just planning to sell SWAT there is no need to Deposit ETH to your exchange balance to sell.. You can just deposit SWAT to your exchange balance.. As soon as you press deposit you will see a pop up box with an ETH transaction link on etherscan.. If you click the link it will lead you to etherscan.io tx id page and once you see the transaction success notification you can see that the deposited SWAT is available for trade in your exchange balance.. Same will be the case when you deposit ETH to the exchange balance if you wish to buy SWAT. Since the minimum order value is 0.01 ETH you need sufficient amount of SWAT for executing the sell order. If you click on the buy order it will open a pop up window with the trade details.. It will show the entire amount in the buy order and you can adjust it to the exact amount which you can sell.. Suppose you want to sell 10000 SWAT, adjust the sale amount to this value and check that the total amount of trade is 0.01 ETH.. Now press the sell button.. Before you do this, from the top right drop down menu choose gas prices and set it to 16 for quick execution of orders.. Slowly with experience it is possible to arrive at a optimum level of gas price.. If the gas price is set to a very low value the transaction will not go through on the ethereum blockchain and will remain as pending.. Nothing can be done about this.. So the optimum gas price has to be chosen.. Once the sell button is pressed, again a pop up window with  etherscan tx id  link will appear.. By clicking on it you can see the transcription on etherscan. Wait for successful completion of transfer and check your trading screen. You will see that the exchange balance will show the new value of ETH or SWAT post the trade.. Successful trade is completed!

As further precaution you need to do this.. You can use the withdraw button to immediately withdraw the traded amount of ETH or SWAT to your wallet.. Please do this immediately.. Once it is in your wallet you can check balance of the same in Metamask and from there transfer it to your primary account.. Since all these transactions are all 100% on the ethereum block chain you don't need any approval of admin or exchange to withdraw your balance.. There is absolutely no interference from the exchange or admin.. Everything is transparent and secure..

Will make a new ANN thread for the launch of SWATX on bitcointalk and post about it on several forums.. For new projects and tokens to get listed on SWATX, we will initially charge a very low introductory fee of 1 ETH or 250 USD worth of SWAT as listing fees... I am hoping this will always create a demand for SWAT.. We will mention that new projects and tokens can get exposed to more than 1400 SWAT holders/investors from more than 30 countries.. We will increase the listing fees to 500 USD worth of SWAT once the introductory offer is over.. Projects or Developers have to buy SWAT directly from the market and not from the project. This will ensure our investors will get a good price for the SWAT they are holding now.. So *SWATX becomes the first Website which will accept SWAT Coin as a payment option!*

Screenshot of SWATX Trading Screen:

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