Some Updates from Different SWAT Locations

Some Updates from Different SWAT Locations: Today is the start of  the new auspicious month in the local calendar here, during which all good things are scheduled every year.. Events like weddings, Family Functions and other auspicious activities are conducted by everyone during this period. So good things are bound to happen all around.. I am sure this will be a good period for all of us! Some new investments are expected to come in this month from the US and Nigeria because of the efforts of Kevin and Benjamin. I too have been working on securing other low cost, long-term funds for the project from a contact in the UK.. I am expecting something to come through in that area soon, as we wait for the STO documentation to be completed. There is another investor from Iran who has been in touch with me through mail for sometime now and is in the process of deciding upon buying a few SWATMINER APPs soon. Things are looking up for us on different fronts.. I am sure all these and more good things are due for us now, this lunar month (18th Aug to 15th Sep)! As per vedic astrology, Saturn's retrograde phase will be over on the 3rd of September 2019. This will bring a change of fortune and good things for everyone! Hope all of you are having a great weekend!

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