Newer and Better Ad Networks

Google AdMOB has put a limit on the number of ads served on our SWATMINER APP. So several mining users may not see the normal number of Ads being served on the APP.. Though this might make the mining process easier it will reduce the ad revenue for our project. The reason for this can be two things. One is our APP is related to Crypto Currencies and hence as per Google's ever changing policy related to content there might have been some restrictions. The other reason is the constant reason given by Google to publishers to reduce payments issued to them which is traffic quality. The truth is there can never be quality issues with us since the ads served on our APP has to be closed by human interaction for mining to continue. Irrespective of the reason given by Google and as per our own plan given in our road map we have initiated the process of integrating with newer and better ad networks than Google's AdMob and reduce our dependence on Google.. The current networks we have started to work with by downloading their SDKs and running trial installations are InMobi, StartAPP, AirPush and Smaato. We will arrive at an optimal fit for our SWATMINER APP in the next couple of weeks and release the latest version of the SWATMINER APK after that. Attached is a screenshot of the most recent report from Google AdMob dashboard.

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