SWAT Project Update: Pocket Miner English Tutorial (PM ET)

SWAT Project Update: Yesterday we had a new user from Russia who has paid 10 dollars to do trial mining of SWAT for a Week. We have received a mail from a corporate entity from Iran interested in doing SWAT Mining in a big way and they have asked me for more details. In spite of very less buy orders and low volumes without much of price increase over almost 2 years now, the interest in SWAT Mining and SWAT Project have not diminished and have only increased. There is a small investor who bought SWAT from us for 300 DOGE recently! In the back ground the effort to generate more revenue from Pocket Miners have been going on without any slowing down. The key to increase in SWAT price is this. We have to get people who will buy Pocket Miners but will not mine much. I am currently working on a plan to introduce what is called a Pocket Miner English Tutorial (PM ET) Phone for 150 to 200 Dollars.. This is a part of the Content Delivery Revenue Stream Model.. There is huge demand for Spoken English Courses throughout the world. Online Education Portal Giant Udemy has shifted most of its course delivery to the Smart Phone delivery platform through the online route. .. We will focus on the offline delivery model. Complete Video Tutorials for English Coaching Modules from basic courses to practice tests to help in clearing TOEFL/IELTS Exams, will be uploaded on the Pocket Miner ET.. It is like buying a Personal English Coach for 200 dollars, along with the option to mine and get back the invested money through mining in one year's time.. But most people in this category will be just satisfied with the course and will not mine excessively since this target segment consists of the Student Segment and the Career oriented Group who don' have much time for mining .. So this revenue model has the potential to bring us good revenue.. with very less mining, which will subsidize the buy orders for those who are mining. I am in the process of optimizing the Ad revenue from Taboola with the help of their optimizing team for our MYFIE site.. Once this is done my next target is to get Taboola integrated in to our SWATMINER APK.. Google AdMOB has several restrictions and does not show up on several Geos resulting in Revenue loss for us. I hope to rectify this with Taboola. So my advice and request to those who are mining and holding SWAT is to be patient for some more time. Good price for SWAT is on the cards soon!

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