Quantum Safe Cryptography

Quantum Safe Cryptography: It is the aim of our SWAT coin Project to always be right at the cutting edge of emerging technology and yet be accessible and affordable to the common man through simple innovations. The essence of a Crypto Project is the security it provides and the privacy it offers to its users. Today there is extensive research that is going on in an area of futuristic technology known as Quantum Safe Cryptography. This is nothing but creating encryption standards that are Quantum Computers Proof.Quantum computers are ultra powerful computers that operate at the Qubit level which is the smallest bit of digital data that can be stored and processed. In the next few years Quantum Computers will become a reality and the computing power of these computers will be humongous! To put this in perspective Quantum Computers can hack the Bitcoin Network by generating the Private keys for public Bitcoin Addresses in a matter of seconds. There is also the possibility of ultra fast mining of BTC by reversing Bitcoin's SHA 256 Algorithm and mining off all the blocks of Bitcoin in just a few days! So the need of the hour today is a Crypto Currency that is Quantum Safe. We are expecting to be able to create our own SWAT Block Chain by the end of the year. When we do that we will make sure the SWAT Block Chain will be enabled with Quantum Safe Encryption.I changed the theme of our Website to reflect this proposal of ours. Check it out here https://www.swatcoin.network/ and post your thoughts and feedback! Cheers Everyone!

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