Ready for the Digital Economy


As we step into 2021 we gear ourselves to take on the challenges brought about by the raging pandemic to the way businesses are being done, taking into consideration the restrictions that have become the new normal. Education is a sector that has been affected the most and the challenges in delivering content to students both online and offline mode have become more enhanced. Our initiative towards delivery of Online Classes and Digital Educational Content to the global student community in the form of Video Lectures, Digital Text Books, Chapter Summaries, Preparatory Tests, Practice Tests and Explanatory Solutions by way of pre-loaded content on our Pocket Miners has become very relevant in the current situation. We believe there is tremendous opportunity for delivering educational content in the offline mode, taking into consideration the specific needs of individual student groups. Content delivery model of generating revenue will drive the growth of our project as we go into the future. This is an important component of the emerging Digital Economy and we are ready for it. 

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