SWAT is now on Binance Smart Chain: Glad to announce SWAT is now officially on the Binance Smart Chain.

Contract Address: https://bscscan.com/address/0x82e7eb8f4c307f2dcf522fdca7b7038296584f29
Token Name: SWAT Coin (Not SWTCoin)
Symbol: SWAT
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 (2 Billion)
Circulating Supply: 534,013,532 (534 Million)
Break up of Circulating Supply:
200 Million for Token Sale through Further Token Offer
250 Million for LATOKEN Listing
84 Million (10% of Supply of ERC20 Tokens) For first phase of distribution to existing holders. Tokens will be issued to holders in a phased manner to avoid price erosion.
Snap Shot Date for ERC20 SWAT Holding Status: 27 March 2021 24 hours GMT.
Pancakeswap Listing:
SWAT BNB Exchange: SWAT/BNB SWAP: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x82e7eb8f4c307f2dcf522fdca7b7038296584f29
Add Liquidity - BNB/SWAT Liquidity Pool: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/add/BNB/0x82e7Eb8f4c307F2dcf522fDCA7b7038296584f29
Token Sale Date: 29 March 2021, 200 million SWAT will be on offer as a Further Token Offer FTO, Using Coinpayments Payment Gateway on our website.
Decentralization Initiative: A SWAT Governance token SWATG, with total supply of 13000 SWATG  has been issued with an aim to create a more decentralized environment with the management of the SWAT Project. SWATG starting price will be 1 BNB. SWAT/SWATG exchange rate is fixed at 1.3 million SWAT per SWATG. SWAT thus received will be burnt thereby constantly cutting supply of SWAT. Profit from SWAT and SWATG transaction fees will be used to create liquidity for both SWAT and SWATG.Both SWAT and SWATG are mintable, burnable tokens. An additional security provision of Pause Token Feature has been introduced in the smart contract which gives us the facility to pause all transactions in the event of any unforeseen and uncalled for security breach.Mining of SWAT on the Binance Smart Chain: Tentative Start Date for mining - 1 june 2021.More information and details about Airdrops/Promotions/Bounties/Burgerswap Listing/LATOKEN Listing etc., coming up soon.
Let us make SWAT strong and solid again. Cheers Everyone! (edited) 

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