New Frontiers!

As man keeps challenging the outer limits of space in his everlasting quest to explore and conquer New Frontiers of the Universe, we take inspiration from these phenomenal achievements. We change our theme featuring "Hot Jupiter" on our home page. OGLE-TR-56b is a planet in the constellation of Sagittarius, about 5000 light years away from us. It is a so-called hot Jupiter, a planet similar in size and composition to our Jupiter, but much closer to its host star than Jupiter. In fact the distance to its star is just 0.025 AU or just four stellar radii, much closer than Mercury's distance to the Sun. Therefore one "year" (or orbit around its star) takes just 29 hours and the surface temperatures reach about 2000 Kelvin. As we have explained in our article about exoplanets, these hot Jupiters were formed further outward in their stellar system and have subsequently migrated inwards to their current position. The temperature in the planet’s upper atmosphere is just right to form clouds, not of water vapour but of vaporised iron. As the iron vapour cools down it condenses, forms liquid droplets and may rain in the form of hot, liquid iron. This iron rain has not yet been measured but the measured physical characteristics of the system seem to make this scenario quite likely. Liquid iron clouds have already been discovered on other celestial bodies: scientists have analysed the atmosphere of the only 6.5 light years distant brown dwarf Luhman 16B and they have found droplets of liquid iron in its upper cloud layer. 

Our Quest is to make use of Extreme science and develop affordable, if not free, cutting edge technology and provide it to our community members. Though there were several attempts by very big projects to create a platform based on a mineable ERC20 Token none has been as successful as SWAT in creating and sustaining such an innovation for almost 3 years. Atrocious Gas fees which has been ignored shamelessly by the ETH dev team has been the only issue that is curbing our growth now. As of now there are no mineable BEP20 Tokens or TRC20 Tokens in the world of Cryptos. We will endeavour to be the first project to provide a mineable BEP20 or TRC20 token (if not both simultaneously) to our community members using our extreme lean mining technology that has stood the test of time for the past three years. We will treat the entire operation that we had for the past three years on the Ethereum platform as an ERC20 tokens as our testnet phase and the proposed shift to BEP20 or TRC20 as our mainnet launch. We will have a lot of discussions about all these going forward. We may be short on funds but we will never be short on new ideas! So we call this new era in the our SWAT universe as "New Frontiers"! Cheers everyone!

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