What will Happen to SWTC after the 10th of April?

Normally in any ICO when tokens are issued the investors are not allowed to trade at all, till the actual coin is ready and some times for even more than a year. But we wanted to give the freedom to the investors to be able trade from the first day. We have clearly mentioned that the hardforked mineable SWTC with our own wallet will be released during the months of June-july 2018 and the new coin will be swapped on a 1:1 basis for the SWT tokens on the WAVES platform. Then it will be listed in three exchanges during the months of Juy to OCt 2018. In the mean time the pre-sale and regular sale of Pocket miners will be initiated. All these will be done as per the Schedule. It is the pre sale we have completed early. After the 10th till the time our wallet and coin are introduced in June July the SWTC token in its current form will be traded on the waves platform. What price it will be traded is decided by the market. But it will be a level playing field. Every single investor will have access to the market. Suppose the hard forked walllet scheduled for release in the months of June July is ready much earlier and is released for testing in the end of May obviously price will go up. Similarly the prototype testing of the pocket miners is done much earlier during the month of May instead of September and call for appointment of distributors for the pocket miners with advance payments is released, and gets a good response, the price will shoot up. So the market happenings and demand for the coins based on the potential profit and success of the project will determine the price. Smart investors will hold till the time we list on the exchanges! This is a unique condition where we have allowed the investors to trade pre-sale tokens from day one. We don't have to be worried every day when the price falls by 1 cent! Where we stand next time this year is what will be the actual price of the coin! Investors are wise enough and mature enough to take their own decisions!

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