Latest News! About Final Phase of Pre-Sale!

In the last 5 hours we have sold more than 600 USD worth of SWTC through Yobit codes. Our target as explained to Luka in my mail is that we have to maintain a maximum of 150 million coins in pre-sale and not more than that. On the open market there are some people who wish to create panic in the mind of some investors to buy at a lower price. But investorss should not fall prey to the market manipulators.

In fact there is an investor who wants to buy 20 million coins privately tomorrow. You can see my facebook chat with him. He is willing to confirm tomorrow. So there is absolutely no need to be worried. what ever short fall in the 12500 USD in the pre-sale I will invest myself. So the sale is as good as over now! But since we need smaller investors from various parts of the world  to be given an opportunity we are doing this. Today there was an investor for the first time from the middle east who has invested with us. Tomorrow he is coming back for more. Nothing to worry team! Nothing to worry investors! If after the sale is over there is a fluctuation in price it is determined by the market. 

We had to do two things. One is we had to stick to the commitment of 150 million coins max. We have done that. We had to be fair to all investors and not allow those who had bought at a lower price to exploit the price advantage they had and make the later investors to face a disadvantage. We have done both! There is no way the project will not succeed. In fact once we get the advance payments for the Pocket Miners i am planning to announce a buy back offer of the SWTC tokens and whatever we get in the buy back I am planning to burn the coins, thereby reducing the number of coins and drastically increase the price of the coin with more limited supply when we hit the exchanges! Cheers everyone!


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    I strongly object to SWTC listing on YOBIT.
    YOBIT's wallet service is really bad.
    It is easy for new coins to be listed on YOBIT, but in the future SWTC will be isolated to YOBIT.
    YOBIT is not very convenient for deposit and withdrawal system.
    Even if SWTC is listed on YOBIT in the future, if our coin is not able to be deposited due to the problem of YOBIT wallet, there is a real financial loss.
    Please refer to this point.

  3. Will take note of your objection.. Just an idea. Even HitBTC has a ICO platform.. these are just ideas.. We have a long way to go before we go to plan B. Appreciate your concerns..

  4. right!! It's a long way to go ~ ~

  5. 저도 YOBIT의 SWTC 상장에 강하게 반대합니다.좀더 메이저 거래서에 상장을 기대합니다..

  6. Thanks. We have to make the project a success!