Focus and Next Course of Action! (Interesting Management Story Inside!)

List of activities Leading up to the Release of Pocket Miners for Testing in September 2018

Now that the SWAT block chain has been established and a reliable wallet released, the next priority and total focus is on developing and testing the mining app to be pre-installed on our Pocket Miners, Launching the Pocket Miners for pre-testing and to get the Pocket Miners ready for launch in October. 

Between now and September 2018 there will be upgrades, launches of other versions like our MAC OS Wallet, setting up of mining pool, master nodes, blockexplorer, etc., on the technical side and on the management and operational front, identification of more distributors, bringing in strategic investors along with our ongoing efforts to increase user base, be it through listing in other exchanges, promotions or through airdrops and bounties. Look forward to the active participation of all our investor community members in all the afore mentioned activities.

Everyone is already aware that there are inquiries from 16 countries for distributorship. This is a huge positive for us and an excellent opportunity for us to capitalize on! The process of screening and appointing the right distributors who will be a correct fit for us, registering brand names in the individual countries to be launched through the WIPO platform, setting up logistics for shipping and delivery along with establishing a reliable after-sales service network in all these countries is the next priority. 

Every bit of resource will be used in this direction till we succeed with the Pocket Miner and with it our coin. The focus of the team and the entire community should be on this until all these aspects of the project are fully and firmly implemented. 

Focus is the key to success in anything and everything in life. If you give your 100% to one thing at a time, success is a certainty.

Here is a simple example that I use very often to easily explain the importance of focus and the futility of any effort without focus.

If you dig 5 feet (as in digging a well) in 20 places (lack of focus) you will never get water. Repeating it once again for emphasis, If you dig 5 feet in 20 places you will never get water!

On the other hand if you dig 100 feet in one place (focus) or dig deep enough till you succeed, You will not just get water, you might end up with a Gold Mine, Oil Well, Diamond Deposit or use your deep well for extracting GEO Thermal Energy free of cost eternally! Focus is the key!

Our Focus will be on SWAT and Pocket Miner till we succeed! And I am absolutely sure our success will be bigger than a gold mine, oil well, diamond deposit or a GEO thermal project. In fact it will be bigger than all these put together!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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