New Upgrade and Windows GUI Wallet Released!

SWAT Windows GUI Wallet Version 1.01 and release 6_23 has been released! You can download it from here.

You can see the release page here.

This time the bounty has been increased to 2000 per individual investor who downloads and sends his new Wallet address to me along with the original WAVES Wallet Address to receive the bounty. My email ID:

I have given below the content of the release notes and instructions file present inside the zip folder.

Windows GUI Wallet V1.01 R6.23 Release Notes
Windows GUI Wallet Win 64 V1.01 Release 6_23
USAGE: Extract files to folder SWAT Windows GUI Wallet 6_23
Install the C++ Runtime Libraries by running the Visual C++ v56.exe file.
The file will open a commnd prompt and ask for confirmstion to remove existing installations. Press Y to confirm. If there are some previous software/windows updates which require a reboot that is pending then the command prompt will request for a reboot. Press Y to confirm and then install again after reboot.
Once the installation is done you are ready to start the wallet.
Open the Wallet by running SWATCoin.exe file.
You will see a splash screen with the SWAT logo saying loading blockchain...
Once the Wallet screen is open press File button on the top left corner and press Create Wallet from the drop down menu. When the Save window opens give your preferred name and save the xyz.wallet file. Keep this file safe by uploading it to your mail. Now you have created the wallet and to see your address press the Receive button on the wallet. Your wallet address will be displayed.
Copy this address and send it to to receive your first inward transfer by way of bounty.
Once the wallet is synchronized you will receive your SWAT. Wait for block height to synchronize for confirmation to see the amount in your balance!
You can set a password for your wallet by going to Settings and pressing Encrypt Wallet.
Keep your Wallet Address, xyz.wallet file and your password safe!
Contact for any feedback or queries.

Since in a normal wallet you will have the option to mine the coins by connecting to the remote daemon through the local RPC port, that option had to be disabled in this wallet. But for transfers to be confirmed the mining process has to be continued. Hence I will do the mining from our servers, periodically to confirm the transfers There are contributions from 4 different individuals that has gone into the development of this Wallet including me.

Hope this version is more user friendly and is able to synchronize with the block chain easily and confirm the inward transfers of the bounty. From the tests that I have conducted the transfer gets credited instantly and confirmed pretty quick since our block height is at around 800 as I write this post.

Again I can't resist the temptation to compare our project to TRX. TRX started 4 years back and are completing their shift to their mainnet on the 25th. In fact exchanges like Yobit have announced that they are not able to implement the new wallet and have warned the investors to withdraw their TRX (ERC20 tokens) till the time they are able to install the new wallet based on TRX's new block chain.

We have released our Windows GUI Wallet on the 24th of June 74 days from the time we completed our-presale!

The next target is to release our Pocket Miner before the scheduled date of release for testing which is 15 September 2018!

This has been a good weekend!

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